Program Structure

Certificate Program via Distance Learning

The Certificate Program in Biblical Counseling is available through distance learning and is accessed through the BCI website. Each of the nine (9) courses is available as an Audio Book File and can be purchased and downloaded directly from the website. Each course will come with the following resources:

  • A series of Audio Files (in the form of an Audio Book), that may be downloaded onto computer, iPod, or made into a CD. Courses range in in length from five to six hours each.
  • A downloadable Power Point presentation to augment the audio material.
  • A downloadable Workbook or Study Guide.
  • Each student will also purchase three required text books:
    Wonderful Counselor: A Return to Truth Abercrombie & Skinner
    CHRISTIAN SHRINKS Answer ALL Your Questions… Abercrombie & Abercrombie
    Counseling By The Book Babler, Penley, & Bizzell
  • Supervision will be conducted through online meetings (i.e. Skype or Face Time). Supervision will total twelve (12) contact hours and will augment counseling practicum as outlined below.
  • Students will have a practicum through an approved local church or ministry wherein they will complete twenty (20) hours of supervised counseling with an approved BCI supervisor (Supervision will be done online).
  • Graduation from the Distance Learning program will require the completion of all eight courses and corresponding examinations and the approval and endorsement of the BCI supervisor. All other requirements common to the traditional BCI Certificate Program must also be met.

BCI Approved Supervisors

Ab Abercrombie, Ph.D.

Karen M. Abercrombie, M.S.

David Penley, Ph.D.

Larry Creamer, M.Div.

John Babler, Ph.D.