Dr. Ab Abercrombie is a most serious, devoted disciple of Jesus Christ. The Lord God has blessed Ab as a talented counselor and speaker. Ab's wisdom in communicating to others is based on the power of the Word of God. All of Ab's counseling is Bible-based and directed by Biblical principles.

I whole-heartedly recommend Ab and the Biblical Counseling Institute he has co-founded to train others how to equip the saints to navigate the journey of faith during these exciting, yet perilous times for the Christian and for the church. You will be blessed by my friend, Dr. Ab Abercrombie and the BCInstitute!

Rev. Bruce K. Edwards
Evangelist and Pastor, Gateway Baptist Church, Mansfield, TX.
Author of: The Great Escape: Escape From Personal Failure Through Faith

I've had the privilege of knowing Dr. Ab and Karen Abercrombie for many years and am always amazed by their passion for Jesus and their godly burden for the healing of the whole person. I wholeheartedly endorse the Biblical Counseling Institute so that the Church can get back to all that we have been called to do!!

Pastor Paul Kummer
Grace Lutheran Church
Destin, FL

I learned during the early days of my ministry to value and utilize partnerships. The Bible is filled with examples of effective partnering and resourcing. Come to think of it, the greatest partnership ever is God allowing people to partner with Him in The Great Commission! The truth is we need others and others need us. That’s why I gladly partner with and completely endorse The Biblical Counseling Institute and the counseling ministry of Dr. Ab Abercrombie. They are invaluable to me as a pastor. I have personally recommended Dr. Ab to countless individuals for professional counseling and guidance. He has been a tremendous blessing to me personally and to my ministry. Dr. Ab is rock solid! He is biblical, wise, compassionate, and approachable. His character is impeccable. Believe me, in this day and time, I could not and would not say that about everybody I know in ministry. I have never been disappointed with Dr. Ab in anyway. I encourage you to partner with Dr. Ab Abercrombie and the Biblical Counseling Institute today!

Dr. Mickey Hawkins
Pastor, Cinco Baptist Church
Fort Walton Beach, Florida

There is a growing dissatisfaction in the church with counseling that depends on or utilizes the wisdom of psychology and social work. The Biblical Counseling Institute labors to provide a Biblical alternative to such an approach to counseling. This alternative recognizes that the Bible is sufficient for the counseling task and even superior to anything the world has to offer. Their vision for training laypeople, pastors, and counselors will help provide a much needed corrective for the Church. I encourage you to study the website and then enroll in training. You will be challenged to effectively minister Scripture to hurting people and be blessed in the process.

John Babler, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Pastoral Counseling
Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

As a pastor, I have had many opportunities to counsel individuals and couples over the years. I have always addressed the needs of those being counseled with Christian counseling. I learned through the Institute that this, more or less, is providing “relief” and not a “cure” for the individuals. The focus of Biblical Counseling is to provide a “cure” and this is done only in Jesus. When I went through training with the Biblical Counseling Institute, Dr. Ab Abercrombie challenged me to look at the situations in light of Scripture. What does the Word of God call the issue that we are dealing with? What is the individual’s responsibility in the issue? Most of the issues stem from a three letter word called SIN. Too many times we do not want to call sin, what it is, sin. We call it all kinds of things, but not sin.

Through the training you learn the steps to be able to help people with the CURE! You learn to be gentle, yet stand firm on the Word of God. Not only did the Biblical Counseling Institute help me with how I counsel others, it helped me gain victory over things in my own life. When you get into the Word of God in counseling it helps identify sin for what it is. The one point that Ab stated over and over was this – “If sin is the issue, there is no human remedy.”

I know that I will never look at my personal life, or counsel others, without remembering the training I received from Dr. Ab and the Biblical Counseling Institute.

Pastor Mark T. Russell
Cornerstone Community Church
Greenville, Wisconsin

BCI is an organization totally committed to letting the truth of God’s Word speak into out daily lives. The Bible is living and active and has something to say about who we are and how we live. Dr. Ab and the team teach the basics of Biblical Counseling through lecture, interactive discussion and role play. At its core, BCI teaches that God’s Word, the Holy Spirit, and a little training are sufficient for us to help others on their journey towards fullness in Christ. I have been greatly helped personally and have seen others grow in their confidence to counsel those in need.

Pastor Dan DeVries
Spring Lake Church
Green Bay, Wisconsin

One of the biggest challenges facing pastors is helping people “untie the knots” they have in their lives. Pastors untying these knots often need help and cry for encouragement in the process of engaging that particular ministry. Biblical Counseling Institute has heard that cry for help and has the tools for equipping pastors, professional counselors, and lay counselors to give godly care. Their God-centered and unwavering integration of Biblical principles for the ministry of counseling is a refreshing balm from the Band-aid approach the world’s template offers. This strategy of Biblical counseling really does lead to relief and recovery for the life that is troubled! BCI brings to the table what the local church has been needing for a long time!

Dr. Keith Thomas,
Senior Pastor
Cottage Hill Baptist Church
Mobile, Alabama

The Biblical Counseling Institute’s initial three seminars do an excellent job of convincing and demonstrating that the Scriptures are sufficient to address the needs of our lives, and those of others with whom we have contact. Our people were challenged to more confidently engage in being instruments of influence for Christ to others who are hurting and/or in need, and gained insights into how to do so. There is, of course, much more to learn. We look forward to further training with BCI, and also to building on the foundations they have laid in these seminars through books published from a Biblical Counseling perspective.

Pastor Bill Tyson
Westminster Presbyterian Church
Fort Walton Beach, FL

Several of our members were privileged to attend the first three Biblical counseling courses offered by the Biblical Counseling Institute. The courses were exciting, encouraging, informational, and instructive.

The thing I liked about the approach to counseling was that it was Biblically centered; no mixture of the secular and the sacred. It was strictly Biblically based.

The scope and power of this counseling is as limitless as our Creator while the counsel of man is restricted to the scope of his wisdom. Christian counseling is an action of God, not of humans, so that His will and objectives are made manifest in the lives of His people.

I would encourage anyone interested in Christian counseling to take these courses. They are useful tools in the hands of our Lord.

Joe H. Plott
First Baptist Church, Mary Esther, FL

We live in a world that is desperately searching for answers to life's problems. This is no less true of the church. Christians and unbelievers alike are running to and fro looking for solutions. They read self-help books, go to secular counselors, watch Doctor Phil and Oprah, and some even resort to medication. What they have forgotten or have never been taught is that God's Word and only God's Word has the answers! That's why I heartily endorse the Biblical Counseling Institute. BCI believes and teaches the sufficiency of Scripture. The Institute seeks to train God's people in the practical application of Scripture to the problems of daily life. Additionally, BCI emphasizes the absolute necessity of being dependent upon the Holy Spirit. Dr. Ab's goal is to raise up a mighty army of Biblical counselors who can use the "Sword of the Spirit" in the power of the Spirit to help their fellow believers reach full maturity in Christ! Is God calling you?

Pastor Rick Crampton
Living Vine Community Church
Neenah, Wisconsin

In this ever changing world we live in, there is always another book or method or psychology that infiltrates our homes, work, media, and even our churches - all claiming to have the answers and solutions for the problems we face. As always, time passes and the one thing that does 'EVOLVE' are these ever failing methods to attempt to do what only God can. God is our comfort, our healer, our wonderful counselor who is the same yesterday, today and forever! He has provided His Word that has everything we need inevery situation we face. In any situation the real question we need to ask is, "What does the Word of God say?". This is what BCI will train you to do!

If you want to help yourself and others to seek God's Word, if you want to be used by God to help someone dealing with divorce, suicide, addiction, or salvation, BCI can teach you how. These courses will teach you how to listen to the Holy Spirit and how to apply God's truth in all situations. In the days we live in, now more than ever, we need to stand on the firm foundation of the Bible. Thanks to BCI for getting us back to unchanging TRUTH!

Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila
Pro Bowl Defensive End
Green Bay Packers

It has been several months since I completed the certification program at BCI. It has been truly amazing to watch God work in and through my life as I have re-submitted to his sovereign and sufficient authority. It is easy to drift into relying on my shelves of books that promise to give us relief from our problems. And they do just that. God used you to help me understand the difference between relief and cure. Worldly relief is shallow and short lived, but the cure is life transforming and eternal.

I want to thank you for being instrumental in my return to the sufficiency of scripture in all areas of my life and the lives of those that God brings in contact with me. Know that God is using you and BCI to rekindle Truth in the Church. As I review my calling in Ephesians 4:12-16, I appreciate you as an equipper of equippers. Know that God has and I suspect will continue to touch the lives of many people through your encouragement to share the Truth in Love.

May God continue to expand the influence of BCI & show you favor in this world.

Pastor Wade Hetrick
Community Church of Appleton
Appleton, Wisconsin

As a pastor, one of my greatest joys is to engage in the work of “equipping the saints for the work of the ministry”. Over the past couple of years, I have had a wonderful partner in this work, the Biblical Counseling Institute led by Dr. Ab Abercrombie.

Several of our people here at Valley Baptist Church in Appleton, Wisconsin and I have completed the certification process. Others have been able to participate in some of the training sessions. This has produced in our lives:
† A greater confidence in the superiority and sufficiency of the Word of God in addressing the issues of life.
† A greater consistency in our method and message as we minister the Word of God into the lives of people as we have opportunity.
† A firm conviction that God will use us to effectively reach the lost and restore our brothers and sisters in Christ.

The skills you learn through the Biblical Counseling Institute help you guide those in despair to the Word of God where they may find freedom and move on to a consistent walk of discipleship. The strong focus on the Word of God will also drive you more deeply into Scripture where you will be lovingly confronted by our Savior and grow to be more like Him.

Larry Creamer
Senior Pastor
Valley Baptist Church
Appleton, Wisconsin


The Waterfront Rescue Mission has been around for over 60 years and provides Rescue and Recovery services in Jesus’ name to the homeless and needy. For years we have recognized the need for providing a more structured training for our Chaplains’ biblical counseling. This has been a difficult search because some were too…representative of a particular denomination or complicated, involved visualization or memory regression, and blended in psychology or a humanistic viewpoint.

We were excited when we heard about the Biblical Counseling Institute, because it at least sounded like who were are and what we want to be better at doing. It was even more exciting when we discovered that Dr. Ab’s journey included being a trained, successful psychologist for years before coming to the conclusion of proclaiming the superiority and sufficiency of scripture.

We recently had 30 of our ministry staff certified and plan to have 10 of them begin training as BCI Trainers so we can have staff persons with a deeper knowledge and experience on site at each of our six locations, as well as be able to train new staff in the future ourselves. As with any new training, there were some initial staff concerns, but overwhelmingly they have all come to appreciate and utilize this very practical training.

It has helped our staff be more intentional about their approach, provided a more standard process, and best of all - it fits who we are as evangelical protestant believers from many different denominations. BCI challenges us to continually grow personally while becoming more bonded as a team through the practical application of Scripture in counseling. Our endeavor is to create an environment where people can be drawn by the Holy Spirit to Jesus Christ through His Word for their healing and transformation to the glory of God.

Bob Rogers, VP of Ministry
Waterfront Rescue Mission
Mobile, AL, Pensacola, FL, Ft. Walton Beach, FL