Q: What is Biblical Counseling?

Biblical Counseling is a process of realignment: bringing those aspects of life that have fallen outside God’s proposed boundaries into agreement with His teachings, commands, callings, principles, and promises. It is impossible to counsel someone into “healthy alignment” when using the template of the world. As a result, a counselor must become intimately knowledgeable and responsive to the Word of God and to the leading of the Holy Spirit if he/she is to be effective in the delivery of godly care.

Q: Can I become a professional counselor by taking the BCI courses?

A: No. Professional counselors are subject to the requirements of their individual states. Typically, a professional counselor is one who has completed a Master’s or Doctoral degree from an accredited university or seminary, with specific training relevant to licensing requirements in various states. He/She then must work under supervision for a specified period, before taking and examination for licensure.

Instead, BCI offers Continuing Education for counselors who are already enrolled in a graduate program through a university or seminary; or those who have already completed their degree. BCI’s training is specifically centered upon the use of Biblical Counseling as an approach to counseling practice and does not replace undergraduate and graduate training leading to licensure.

In many cases, the training offered through BCI will be accepted for Continuing Education Credit for graduate level and licensed mental health professionals.

Q: What is Laity Care?

A: BCI believes that the Body of Christ is uniquely equipped to heal, disciple, train, and support its members. Lay leaders within the church can be a vital part of that process. For this reason we train Laity Care Leaders who, under the supervision of their pastor and church staff, can offer support, counsel, and discipleship to the hurting members of a church body.

A Laity Care Leader, as defined by BCI, is not a Professional Counselor or Minister. Instead, he/she is equipped to respond biblically to individual and family situations in his/her life and within the church, as directed by church leadership.

BCI helps churches establish Laity Care Centers where members from the church and outlying community can come for support and training for various life problems that can be fully addressed through God’s Word. Operating under the auspices of the local church, these Laity Care Centers expand the church’s capacity to educate, counsel, and disciple its members.

Q: I am already a trained minister of God’s Word. How would BCI enhance my capacity to counsel others?

A: Pastors and ministers are very busy individuals and most have been trained to refer family and psychological issues to outside resources. BCI believes that the pastor and minister is the best qualified to address a spiritual problem. We want to help trained servants reclaim their spiritual ground and provide biblical responses to the needs of their congregation.

BCI will help the pastor make quicker assessments of the problem, respond with biblical interventions, and then use the resources of his church to support the ongoing development and discipleship of these individuals. We will help you refine your use of God’s Word within the context of counseling so that it goes directly to the core of the issue.

Q: Does BCI focus on psychological techniques in counseling?

A: No. Our calling and message is grounded in the sufficiency of Scripture, the working of the Holy Spirit, and the healing capacity of Jesus Christ through the Body.

Q: Does BCI offer Continuing Education Units for professional counselors?

A: BCI will offer a certificate of completion for each course as evidence of your attendance and will work with various state and national organizations to provide continuing education credits. However, requirements vary from state to state and within the different professional categories. If CEU’s are important to you, make sure you review the requirements of your state and profession before continuing.

Q: What makes the BCI credential unique?

A: The BCI curriculum is demanding, requiring between nine and eighteen months of study. Upon completion, the student will receive a certificate that provides recognition within the field that is noteworthy. Your certification in Biblical Counseling, is known and recognized internationally as a credential that is a product of rigorous preparation.

While credentials and membership exist that require no study or minimal study, the BCI certification will be known as an advanced credential that signifies the graduate’s devotion to the pursuit and application of knowledge as given by God through His complete and Holy Word…

“Be diligent to present yourself approved to God as a workman who does not need to be ashamed, accurately handling the word of truth.”

(2 Timothy 2:15).