Practicum and Supervision

The final level of training provides the student the opportunity to counsel under the supervision of the BCI faculty. Each student will complete a minimum of 20 counseling hours in their church or professional setting. Students will submit case notes on each hour of counseling to his/her supervisor (BCI faculty member) and will have twelve (12) hours of face-to-face supervision and discussion in person or via Skype or FaceTime.

Each student must arrange a counseling practicum in their local area through a church, counseling center, or another ministry. BCI will assist the student in making these arrangements. The practicum will consist of 20 hours of counseling observation and participation, under the supervision of the BCI faculty. Counseling case notes will be submitted to the supervisor (BCI faculty member) for each counseling hour.

Each student must complete twelve (12) hours of face-to-face prior to graduation from the program. The supervision will be provided by a BCI faculty member only. Supervision must occur in person if the supervisor is local, or via Skype or FaceTime when necessary due to the distance from faculty. This important component of the training ensures the counselor’s progress and readiness for certification by addressing actual case situations ongoing in their areas of ministry.

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