The Biblical Counseling Institute (BCI), is the education arm of Biblical Ministries, Inc.; which is a 501©3, non-profit, tax-exempt ministry, certified by the United States government. You support of BCI aids the advancement of biblical counseling throughout churches and communities around the world. Our purpose is to strengthen God’s church through the training of all believers in biblical care, evangelism, and discipleship.

BCI believes and teaches the following principles:

  • Counseling belongs to the Church.
  • The Bible is fully sufficient for the counseling task, and is superior to any secular method of psychological care.
  • There is a scriptural mandate, given to all believers, to restore the fallen (Gal 6:1-2) and evangelize the lost (Matt 28:19-20).

To advance these principles, BCI provides a training program leading to the Certificate in Biblical Counseling available to pastors, ministers, missionaries, professional counselors, and laity within the church. Certificate training is accomplished through:

  • Community-based certificate seminars, offered throughout the U.S.
  • Online study, offered via the world-wide-web.

Training is offered for ALL committed believers who discern a call to serve. Students come from multiple backgrounds and denominations. The only requirement of every student is a testimony of faith and salvation, through our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

BCI needs your support to advance the objectives of our call to train the God’s people. While BCI charges tuition for its training programs, many potential students are unable to attend due to financial challenges, lack of resources, and distance from training opportunities. Through your donations, BCI will be able to offer scholarships for pastors, missionaries, and other vocational servants. We further can provide training for lay people within the church who need financial assistance in order to participate.

Our goal is to increase the number of students receiving biblical training, through community seminars and online training, by 50%, through donations and support of faithful benefactors. Your gifts will enable many to train and serve God’s people who otherwise, could not.

Examples include inner-city outreach, prison and jail ministries, rural outreach and service to numerous impoverished populations. Your support has also provided online training and outreach in distant and international locations that ordinarily, could not be serviced. BCI has had students in Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, El Salvador, Russia, Haiti, Ukraine, Canada, Africa, and the Middle East. Many students are missionaries and church-planters from the U.S. serving in distant locations. But others are committed believers who are residents and citizens of these countries.

Your donations also provide funds for biblical counseling and pastoral care for individuals and families who are in need but lack the resources to pay for counseling through another source. Again, many receiving counseling at no cost, are God’s servants who minister to others through churches and para-church organizations.

The Biblical Counseling Institute and Biblical Ministries, Inc., operate as a 501 © 3, non-profit, tax-exempt ministry, certified by the United States government. All donations are tax deductible. Please pray for our ministry and lend your financial support as God leads. We assure you of our commitment to the stated purpose of the ministry, and to the godly stewardship of your gifts.

Please donate directly throughout our website: Donate Now... or by mail:

Biblical Counseling Institute

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Spanish Fort, AL 36527

On behalf of the BCI board of directors, thank you and God bless you!