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Authors: John Babler, Ph.D., David Penley, PhD. and Mike Bizzell, MACE

Americans believe “getting counseling” is the remedy for every struggle in life. Every traumatic event is followed by the availability of counselors. If people aren’t calling in professional counselors they’re turning to pop psychologists and self-help books. To most, counsel based on God’s Word has become just one more option in a sea of choices. The authors of Counseling by the Book believe the Bible is the only acceptable guidebook for counseling and that the church is the context in which counseling should be practiced. They offer a brief look at the state of pastoral counseling today and outline what constitutes true pastoral counseling. They contrast the prevailing psychological view of man with the biblical view of man daring to use such words as sin, repentance, and admonishment. If “getting counseling” is indeed to be the answer to a person’s struggles, then Christians certainly need to be Counseling by the Book.


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