Biblical Sleight of Hand: The Homosexual Lie

Dr. Ab AbercrombieTeen depressed fence

 A powerful political voice has developed within the ranks of an extremely small minority of citizens.  The homosexuals, bisexuals, and transgendered persons have proven to be a force to be reckoned with.  Representing perhaps one to two percent of the population, this group of vocal and determined advocates have found great influence in the court systems of this country, the congress, the entertainment and news media, and unfortunately, the church.

 Their long-term plan has been to normalize an abnormal sexual and relational life, while winning the sympathy and support of Americans through the promotion of themselves as a disenfranchised minority.  Now the airways are literally flooded with sitcoms, news reports, and documentaries that hammer out a very consistent message: “We are a legitimate expression of love and relationship and deserve not only equal treatment, but preferential treatment.”

Hence this organized group is seeking the right to marry (already granted in several States), the right to adopt children (common in many areas), the right to spousal and family benefits provided through employers (growing in acceptance), along with special considerations due them because of their “minority” status.

For example, the group is gaining success promoting hate crime legislation that makes the injury or murder of someone from this class of people a more serious crime with greater punishment.  They also are pursuing hate crime legislation that could eventually restrict free speech and even the reading of God’s Word by punishing anyone (including a pastor) who speaks against the practice of homosexuality or associated activities.

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