Why Biblical Counseling?…Ensley First Baptist Church

Ensley First Baptist Church, Pensacola, Florida is hosting this two hour seminar entitled, “Why Biblical Counseling?” as an introduction to the ministry of biblical care and discipleship. This training is in preparation for the church’s new residential program for women dealing with addiction issues. This seminar is open only to members of Ensley FBC and their … Read More

Biblical Counseling Case Study Seminar…Briarwood Presbyterian Church

Please join us as Dr. Abercrombie presents a seminar devoted to biblical case studies through Briarwood Presbyterian Church, Birmingham, AL. This seminar is available through Internet Simulcast. Date: April 21, 2021 Time: 5:30 until 7:30 pm Location: Internet Simulcast Presenter: Ab Abercrombie, Ph.D. To classes the Simulcast, use the following Zoom link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/7638086412?pwd=RWJra0VvY1I1eWFFcldDcXV2SHhPZz09

Reclaiming a Biblical Worldview

By: Dr. Ab Abercrombie According to a recent study conducted by George Barna, only six percent of Americans now embrace a biblical worldview. This frighteningly low percentage is the culmination the gradual but steady weakening of the scriptural mindset both within the church, and throughout our secular culture. Barna states: “The number of American adults … Read More

Crisis Biblical Counseling: Lublin Poland

This course addresses the response of the Body in crisis situations. Counseling approaches for use in natural disasters (hurricanes, floods, earthquake, etc.), crime situations (homicide, sexual assault, terrorist activity, etc.), and personal crisis situations (sudden loss, abuse, etc.) are taught. This course is especially useful for Chaplains, disaster relief workers, crisis first responders, police and … Read More

Biblical Counseling with Children and Adolescents–Internet Simulcast

Biblical Counseling with Children and Adolescents – Biblical Counseling with Children and Adolescents offers focused, specialized training for helping children and teens between the ages of six (6) and eighteen (18). The student is given specialized training on matters of childhood development and the unique challenges that come with this population. Much emphasis is given … Read More

“Ask the Biblical Counselor”–Psychiatric Medication Part 1

On Wednesday May 6, 2020, we will continue our series entitled, “Ask the Biblical Counselor”, an Internet simulcast held in conjunction with Faith Family Fellowship in Spanish Fort, AL. This week we will discuss the topic of psychiatric medication and their increasing use within the Church. This will be a two-part series addressing both a … Read More

Biblical Counseling with Couples and Families Poland

Biblical Counseling with Couples and Families trains the counselor to intervene with relationship problems present in pre-marital, marital, and other family relationships. A system of pre-marital counseling is taught along with techniques for addressing mild to severe marital conflict. Critical issues such as marital preparedness, Biblical structure for marriage, communication, and intimacy are explored along … Read More

“Ask the Biblical Counselor” with Dr. Ab Abercrombie

Beginning Wednesday evening April 15th at 6:30 pm, Faith Family Fellowship in partnership with BCI will offer a series entitled, “Ask the Biblical Counselor” with Dr. Ab Abercrombie. Ab has been a biblical counselor for over 30 years and will accept questions pertaining to all areas of Christian and family life. After April 15th, the … Read More

Biblical Counseling with Individuals-Biblical University of Lublin Poland

Biblical Counseling with Individuals expands upon the basic principles offered in the introductory class. With a focus on individual spiritual, emotional, relational, and behavioral concerns, the student is trained in specific techniques of care in a one-to-one relationship of discipleship, education, and counseling. Common issues of depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties, grief, anger, and addiction are … Read More

Introduction to Biblical Counseling–Arlington, WA

Introduction to Biblical Counseling– Introduction to Biblical Counseling is the first required course for all students. The course introduces the student to basic concepts of Biblical counseling including problem identification and definition, treatment planning, and counseling techniques and intervention with individuals and families in crisis. Students are trained in the direct application of Scripture to … Read More