Doug Hoppe

July 17, 2017

I attended, and completed Dr Ab’s Certification program about 2 years ago. I have not written this until now because God has provided me with so many opportunities to do his work I simply forgot about it. The result of the BCI class is as follows;
God, through Ab, showed me the true condition of my heart, and that by working on my own cleansing and repentance I can be a better vehicle to do his work and better represent Him as a True follower of His word.

Dr. Ab has a unique Spirit driven approach that simplifies what a true follower of Jesus looks and acts like. He takes the worldly opinions, views, and beliefs out of the equation and redirects our thoughts to life based on Gods word and the power God can provide us IF we truly allow it.

The result of this class has been that my Wife and Son(17) are just finishing up their Certification as well, and both are very busy doing His work. Imagine a 17 year old in todays world hungry to evangelize. My family has been Blessed with a better understanding of what a true Christian means and looks like in everyday life. My son also realized that a prayer of Salvation does not always mean Salvation and is sometimes done for the sack of comfort.

He has since accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior and has begun his ministry on this earth with the true power of the Holy Spirit. About 2 months ago we were Baptized as a family as well. What an honor and a true Blessing to learn and obey God and see His work unfold right before my eyes. I never would have thought this would be in my plans, but then again, it isn’t my plan is it?

Are you a Christian of comfort or is Jesus Christ the Lord of your life? Call BCI and help find out what the Lord has in store for you!