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Lesli Frank

July 17, 2017

Going to the Biblical Counseling Training Sessions felt like coming home to me. There is something really comfortable about sitting in a room with a group of people, whether you have ever met them before or not, knowing that you are all there because of a common interest. Getting to see the faces of the other people in our community that have felt the same burden and desire for God to help and heal the people that He puts in our paths was very much a blessing for me. It feels very much like meeting family that you have never seen before.

The training courses themselves were educational, relevant and informative. Dr. Abercrombie has a delivery like none other. It’s very obvious that God has put this call on his life and given him such a passion to equip others with the fundamentals of biblically counseling the body of Christ. I believe that through this ministry the people who take the courses receive a part of the annointing that God has so obviously poured out on Dr. Abercrombie and the BCI to do this work. God has changed my life and I don’t think I can remember the last day I didn’t have a “divine appointment”. To God be the Glory.